Bug Box! - Live Feeder Crickets (In-Store Purchase Only)

Bug Box! - Live Feeder Crickets (In-Store Purchase Only)

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What is the BugBox! Method:

The concept behind BugBox! crickets is a pre-pack system that makes buying or selling feeder crickets incredibly easy. The BugBox! package is its own biosphere, including food and water, for live feeder crickets. When combined with vertical "drop-down" dispensing sleeves, a consumer is able to serve themselves healthy crickets. Retailers, employees, and consumers all benefit from this sale but the biggest winner may be the herptile that gets guaranteed well fed, gut-loaded crickets in the process.


BugBox! Cricket Features:

The BugBox! design is the first cricket package designed to include:
 Biodegradable, environmentally friendly material
 Food and water supplements to ensure well-fed live crickets
 A seven day in-store guarantee
 An eye-popping retail "Wow" appeal
 Punch-out end openings to introduce crickets to the vivarium
 Vertical dispensing sleeves for customer self-service and product rotation


Prepacked Cricket Benefits:

Pre-packed crickets provide retailers with a clean, convenient, and cost-effective way to sell crickets. Using the BugBox! retailing method will improve image and profits by:
 Saving countless employee trips to the cricket aisle
 Recapturing time lost cleaning, feeding, and repackaging loose crickets
 Allowing for merchandising and promoting the impulse sale of crickets
 Ending all consumer frustrations finding an employee and waiting for service
 Stopping all store "get-aways" inherent with loose crickets
 Giving a professional image to the retail environment
 Managing cricket inventories
 Encouraging rotation of live stock for healthier results
 Generous overcounts in each box at no extra charge.



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