Cat Treats - Good Or Bad?

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To treat or not to treat, is the real question for cat owners. Cats are notorious for being picky eaters. What if a treat becomes an addiction? Is there a danger that treats could put your pet off their regular diet? Although cats do quickly become fond of their treats, if their regular dining experience is a quality, delectably tasty pet food, there is nothing risky about indulging your favorite feline with a tasty treat. And there are more reasons to treat your cat than just indulgence.

Training: Treats are the perfect method of training a cat. They respond well to rewards for desired behaviors. Encourage them with a bit of the good stuff!

Special Times: Although entertaining guests is a special time for the human host, it may be a stressful time for their furry housemate. Try to put a positive spin on company for a socially dysfunctional kitty. Offer treats during the visit.

Healthcare: A cat that is accustomed to receiving treats, eagerly looking forward to what happens after hearing the familiar rustle of a package, is a cat who will be easy to administer medication to. Although a pet owner may do their utmost to prevent disease or injury, these things do happen. Slipping a pill fragment into a soft,chewy treat makes a difficult time a bit easier.

Nutrition: Although the word "treat" often indicates a morsel of food that has no nutritional value, many pet food manufacturers are offering an assortment of healthy options. Cat treats today are often a healthy, nutritional supplement.

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